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Monthly Archives: October 2014

World energy congress was held with great success in Istanbul

International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs , a global  think tank promoting entrepreneurs has organized their very first conference related to energy sector in Istanbul  with the participation of 300 minded young professional , politicians , academicians and investors .

                                                                                                About IPFYE :


The Istanbul Bilgi University International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs is an entity that brings together people from different countries under the pretense of entrepreneurship. All of our steps thus far, and those to come are conducted as part of our goal to form relationships between our member countries, under the frame of entrepreneurship.


About Energy Congress :

More than 350 participants at total have participated to the  event

You can read the highlights of the conference :

President of Turkey BP, Bud Fackrell arrived to the hall.



Opening Ceremony 



President of IPFYE, Serhat Kısakürek giving the opening speech


Prof. Dr. Turgut Tahranlı, Dean of İstanbul Bilgi University Law Faculty appreciates the platform


Rifat Sarıcaoğlu, Chairman of The Board of Trustees at İstanbul Bilgi University takes the floor.


The floor is yielded to Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Bülent Arınç to give his speech.


Turkey should curb its reliance on energy imports, the country’s deputy prime minister Bulent Arinc said at an energy conference held by the ‘International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs’ at Bilgi University in İstanbul.

“Turkey should invest more, particularly in oil, natural gas and different energy development, and should meet its energy needs though domestic means,” Arinc said, speaking at an energy conference held by the ‘International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs’ at Bilgi University in Istanbul.
“There are many problems stemming from our dependence on oil and natural gas. We are trying to overcome these problems,” Arinc explained.
The comments come after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced on Tuesday that a third nuclear power plant in Turkey would be built by domestic experts between 2018 and 2019.
Turkey is currently dependent on foreign imports for 74 percent of its energy needs. “This puts a strain on the budget deficit and the [finance] ministry is working on ways to increase the share of renewable resources in the energy mix,” Mehmet Simsek, Turkey’s minister of finance said on Thursday.
Manager of BP Turkey speech 


Turkey is not only a large importer of energy, but a bridge between resources and markets, the president of BP Turkey, Bud Fackrell, said Friday.
” Turkey has been a regionalenergy hub for years,” Fackrell said, speaking at the conference “International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs” in Istanbul, organized by Istanbul’s Bilgi University.
“As a major investor in Turkey’s economy and energy sector for 100 years, with a significant presence in both downstream and upstream, BP cares a lot about Turkey,” Fackrell said.
” Turkey is also an important partner for Azerbaijan and can play a strong role in regional energy stability,” he added.
Fackrell said that global energy consumption will increase 41 percent by 2035.
“Turkey, being in the middle of existing and planned oil/gas pipelines, is a key country in realizing the $45 billion Southern Gas Corridor which is planned as an alternative energy supply to Europe.”
The Southern Gas Corridor will transport Caspian gas to European countries via Turkey.
Turkey will host over half of the facilities, and most of the integral equipment of the BP-operated Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline, Fackrell said.
The Trans-Anatolian Pipeline Project  is the Turkish phase of the Southern Gas Corridor project which will carry gas from the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea to Turkey.
The pipeline is aimed at reducing Europe’s dependency on Russian gas. The initial capacity of the Southern Gas Corridor is planned to be 16 billion cubic meters of natural gas.
 Turkey is the second biggest partner of the BP Azerbaijan project Shah Deniz, one of the world’s largest gas extraction projects, holding a 19 percent share for over 50 years.



Panel: Muzaffer Başaran (TEYO Investment), Enis Amasyalı (BorusanENBW Energy), Cihat Terzioğlu (Humartaş Energy)


İlker Sert is making his speech about the nuclear energy of Turkey


On Building the Entrepreneurial University, Juha Pettari Peralampi from Qatar giving his speech.


Mr. Michalis Mathioulakis from Greece giving his speech.



The end of the very first day



Mr N.Kostopoulos and Mrs . Maria Arampatzi representing the European association Youth Business Network ( )



Networking dinner on boat for Energy congress vip guests