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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Are you interested to turn crisis into opportunity ?

Nikos Kostopoulos  , a digital nomad entreprneur has announced via his linkedin account he is starting private coaching sessions related to startups .He will start online but he will proceed with real time classes coaching based in Paros island Greece where several entrepreneurs will meet and they will have the opportunity to cooperate and launch their business.



Investment opportunities in startup market

  • Managing Self: Resolve personal challenges that interfere with your business focus. Set better work-life boundaries. Improve your productivity and how you prioritize your time. Regulate your stress and emotions more effectively. Build a more resilient mindset. Engage more productively in conflict.
  • Leading The Team: Expand your skillset for recruiting and motivating your team. Hire more thoughtfully and fire more decisively. Experiment with more effective ways to delegate and empower your teammates.
  • Engaging Investors: Improve your networking and investor outreach strategy for raising your next round. Devise an approach to more powerfully “lead” your existing investors and advisors during board meetings.
  • Begin managing your time, then set goals to achieve like the rich.
  • Create your own personal financial statements to track your money.
  • Recognize the CASHFLOW patterns of the poor, middle class, and rich.
  • Understand the different financial markets and products and assess which ones best fit your financial goals.
  • Learn how to conduct fundamental and technical analysis of a stock.
  • Discover the power and protection of investing with options.
  • Identify risk management strategies of investing in commodities, futures, foreign currency exchange and other investment alternatives.

How Komotini , a small city in Greece can host a huge free market conference ?

The Free Market Road Show® – Komotini

How to Create Growth? Entrepreneurs wanted

A journey across Europe and the Caucasus with the message of Freedom and Sound Economy

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of secular stagnation. What recipe does Europe need to

change the declining trend? Can Europe dream of a decade of robust economic growth? This could

definitely trigger positive effects in more areas than the obvious. To higher standards of living we

should add a cleaner environment and the elimination of the remaining pockets of poverty. But do

Europeans –and their political elites in particular– have what it takes to achieve positive economic