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Monthly Archives: June 2015

RemoteYear — travel and work with digital nomads— kicks off in Prague

Remote year is a new one year program where you travel around the world with 70+ interesting people while working remotely. It was kicked off in PRAGUE this month. A very cool concept that might become a pioneer of the way how people work in the future. Many people want to do this, but they don’t because it’s scary. But you don’t need to be at a certain desk anymore, or in a certain city anymore.

Remote year allows participants to enjoy all of the benefits of traveling without any of the risks. The program will spend one month in 12 different locations through the world. This will give participants an opportunity to deeply connect with the local culture and business ecosystems through bursts of stability, while remaining short enough to avoid growing stale.

“Things are off to a fabulous start in Prague. Everyone got here safely, and the community got to know each other extremely quickly. Prague has been a perfect place to start our journey together — the beautiful buildings, great food, scenic walks, and evening activities are all things our community has fully immersed itself in. We are working hard, exploring the city, meeting new people, and having a blast. Next stop: Ljubljana,” Remote Year cofounder Sam Pessin told me.