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RemoteYear — travel and work with digital nomads— kicks off in Prague

Remote year is a new one year program where you travel around the world with 70+ interesting people while working remotely. It was kicked off in PRAGUE this month. A very cool concept that might become a pioneer of the way how people work in the future. Many people want to do this, but they don’t because it’s scary. But you don’t need to be at a certain desk anymore, or in a certain city anymore.

Remote year allows participants to enjoy all of the benefits of traveling without any of the risks. The program will spend one month in 12 different locations through the world. This will give participants an opportunity to deeply connect with the local culture and business ecosystems through bursts of stability, while remaining short enough to avoid growing stale.

“Things are off to a fabulous start in Prague. Everyone got here safely, and the community got to know each other extremely quickly. Prague has been a perfect place to start our journey together — the beautiful buildings, great food, scenic walks, and evening activities are all things our community has fully immersed itself in. We are working hard, exploring the city, meeting new people, and having a blast. Next stop: Ljubljana,” Remote Year cofounder Sam Pessin told me.


How Komotini , a small city in Greece can host a huge free market conference ?

The Free Market Road Show® – Komotini

How to Create Growth? Entrepreneurs wanted

A journey across Europe and the Caucasus with the message of Freedom and Sound Economy

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of secular stagnation. What recipe does Europe need to

change the declining trend? Can Europe dream of a decade of robust economic growth? This could

definitely trigger positive effects in more areas than the obvious. To higher standards of living we

should add a cleaner environment and the elimination of the remaining pockets of poverty. But do

Europeans –and their political elites in particular– have what it takes to achieve positive economic


RestartBalkans2 is a fact Save the date 22 November 2014 Komotini Greece


Restart Politics is the second version of our annual yearly event RestartBalkans. This year we will focus just in politics in the wide Balkans area and we will limit the entrepreneurial spirit of the event ,we have focus last year. This year Youth Business Network is teaming up with Students for Liberty.  This spectacular weekend will be be highlighted by our interactive forums which will address “The Future of Liberty Politics  in Balkans area .”  Our speakers will clearly articulate the need to reduce the size of government, maximize freedom, and return to the Constitution.

We will examine liberty from historical, constitutional, and moral perspectives and explain why the limited government ideas that created our country  ,can restore and revitalize our optimism for the future.


At  Restart Politics 2014 you will be able to:

Spend time with fellow liberty-minded activists and also some startup geeks

Strengthen your understanding of the foundational principles necessary to maintain liberty.

Learn about current events from a freedom perspective you won’t hear from the media.

Learn how to recruit, equip, and mobilize an army of informed citizens.

Learn how to build your group’s organizational structure necessary to win.

Learn how to become an effective campus organizer.

Learn the fundamentals of fundraising and running for political office.

Learn to master the political process on the local and national level.

Don’t miss out on this weekend filled with political philosophy, political history, campaign tactics, and strategies from some of the best veterans in the field.

About Youth Business Network


This is an NGO established in Greece with the main objective of fostering the impact of Greek’s
professionals on the continent. Its vision is to facilitate Greece’s development and transformation
through its own young students, graduates and active entrepreneurs through practical techno-social
entrepreneurship engagement. The potential partners in this endeavour include educational
institutions,  embassies in host countries, governments, private sector and individuals. It will be
achieved by creating awareness, organising debates, providing opportunities for practical business
start-ups and facilitating peer partnerships with non-Greek counterparts. YNB is aimed towards
facilitating the development and transformation of Greece .
Five young professionals have secured funding from the Youth in Action programme
to establish a non-governmental organisation with a mission to empower young
people to set up their own businesses.

43 per cent of Greek  young people would like to set up a business

Founder Nikolaos Kostopoulos  says the organisation, called Youth Business Network , will

be a platform from which to provide moral and directional support to young people as they

foster the necessary business skills to pursue their goals.

“My role as international and EU officer and the interest in entrepreneurship lem me

traveling all over the world and make a network with young entrepreneurs.

On his return to Greece,  the national government youth agency, helped establish the right

source of funding and provided guidance on turning the initiative into an NGO.

Among a string of initiatives planned is a research pilot project in Athens to identify the

issues holding young people from taking the plunge into the business world. The group

believes the research will help fine-tune its mission statement and help it channel its

efforts more effectively.

Youth Business Network  is seeking sponsors and partners with whom it can co-ordinate

and organise initiatives like business simulations, business hubs, and workshops where

successful business people will share experiences of milestones like success, setbacks,

failure, and re-invention. It even hopes to be able to accompany aspiring entrepreneurs on

overseas trade missions in search of partners, knowledge exchange, and possibly investors.

The group hopes Youth Business Network  will establish itself as a resourceful platform

and networking facilitator to which young people can turn to for support.

“Our mission is to promote measures and

mechanisms for youth entrepreneurship, to

influence the policy of national institutions, and

promote a culture among young people of job

creation rather than job seeking.”


BrandBar Happy Hour Chat with Andee Hill, CEO of

We are excited to have Ms. Andee Hill the CEO of as our guest next week! Ms.

Hill will be joining us November 6, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. EST via GoToMeeting. Hurry over and post

your question about escrow trusted services on the event wall:

We will pick the best of the questions. 1 question per member please!

Here is how BrandBar Happy Hour Chats work:

• Introduction of our Guest.

• Discussion about the primary topic, which will be escrow trusted services this week.

• During the discussion, members are encouraged to add comments and questions into

the chat window.

• Member mics will be opened one at a time to ask our Guest their question.

• The chat window stays open for our members to continue to chat amongst themselves

after the event ends for a short period of time.

World energy congress was held with great success in Istanbul

International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs , a global  think tank promoting entrepreneurs has organized their very first conference related to energy sector in Istanbul  with the participation of 300 minded young professional , politicians , academicians and investors .

                                                                                                About IPFYE :


The Istanbul Bilgi University International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs is an entity that brings together people from different countries under the pretense of entrepreneurship. All of our steps thus far, and those to come are conducted as part of our goal to form relationships between our member countries, under the frame of entrepreneurship.


About Energy Congress :

More than 350 participants at total have participated to the  event

You can read the highlights of the conference :

President of Turkey BP, Bud Fackrell arrived to the hall.



Opening Ceremony 



President of IPFYE, Serhat Kısakürek giving the opening speech


Prof. Dr. Turgut Tahranlı, Dean of İstanbul Bilgi University Law Faculty appreciates the platform


Rifat Sarıcaoğlu, Chairman of The Board of Trustees at İstanbul Bilgi University takes the floor.


The floor is yielded to Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Bülent Arınç to give his speech.


Turkey should curb its reliance on energy imports, the country’s deputy prime minister Bulent Arinc said at an energy conference held by the ‘International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs’ at Bilgi University in İstanbul.

“Turkey should invest more, particularly in oil, natural gas and different energy development, and should meet its energy needs though domestic means,” Arinc said, speaking at an energy conference held by the ‘International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs’ at Bilgi University in Istanbul.
“There are many problems stemming from our dependence on oil and natural gas. We are trying to overcome these problems,” Arinc explained.
The comments come after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced on Tuesday that a third nuclear power plant in Turkey would be built by domestic experts between 2018 and 2019.
Turkey is currently dependent on foreign imports for 74 percent of its energy needs. “This puts a strain on the budget deficit and the [finance] ministry is working on ways to increase the share of renewable resources in the energy mix,” Mehmet Simsek, Turkey’s minister of finance said on Thursday.
Manager of BP Turkey speech 


Turkey is not only a large importer of energy, but a bridge between resources and markets, the president of BP Turkey, Bud Fackrell, said Friday.
” Turkey has been a regionalenergy hub for years,” Fackrell said, speaking at the conference “International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs” in Istanbul, organized by Istanbul’s Bilgi University.
“As a major investor in Turkey’s economy and energy sector for 100 years, with a significant presence in both downstream and upstream, BP cares a lot about Turkey,” Fackrell said.
” Turkey is also an important partner for Azerbaijan and can play a strong role in regional energy stability,” he added.
Fackrell said that global energy consumption will increase 41 percent by 2035.
“Turkey, being in the middle of existing and planned oil/gas pipelines, is a key country in realizing the $45 billion Southern Gas Corridor which is planned as an alternative energy supply to Europe.”
The Southern Gas Corridor will transport Caspian gas to European countries via Turkey.
Turkey will host over half of the facilities, and most of the integral equipment of the BP-operated Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline, Fackrell said.
The Trans-Anatolian Pipeline Project  is the Turkish phase of the Southern Gas Corridor project which will carry gas from the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea to Turkey.
The pipeline is aimed at reducing Europe’s dependency on Russian gas. The initial capacity of the Southern Gas Corridor is planned to be 16 billion cubic meters of natural gas.
 Turkey is the second biggest partner of the BP Azerbaijan project Shah Deniz, one of the world’s largest gas extraction projects, holding a 19 percent share for over 50 years.



Panel: Muzaffer Başaran (TEYO Investment), Enis Amasyalı (BorusanENBW Energy), Cihat Terzioğlu (Humartaş Energy)


İlker Sert is making his speech about the nuclear energy of Turkey


On Building the Entrepreneurial University, Juha Pettari Peralampi from Qatar giving his speech.


Mr. Michalis Mathioulakis from Greece giving his speech.



The end of the very first day



Mr N.Kostopoulos and Mrs . Maria Arampatzi representing the European association Youth Business Network ( )



Networking dinner on boat for Energy congress vip guests



Greek Turkish Economy Forum


Greek Turkish Economy Conference was organized succesful from Youth Business Network -associate organization of Students  for Liberty and International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs at Bilgi Law School 9 to 11 May 2014 . More than 100 participants from both countries attended the conference with main topic international relationships ,economical cooperation between Greece and Turkey .Also 2 startup companies showcased at the duration of the event . Lot of  journalists from Turkey have attended , and their interest for Greek Speakers was quite interesting
Some of the main speakers were :


 Emre Semercioğlu The role of International Platform for Young Entrepreneurs”

Myrto Dimitriou-Michaela Papamichail  -Youth Business Network -How we promote Greek startup ecosystem
Nikolaos Kostopoulos 10 reasons your startup will fail
Dr.Vasileios Grammatikas (Keynote speaker ) 
Haris Donias “Creating a Culture of Job Rather Τhan Job Seeking”
Enver Mısırlı Startups’ sector in Turkey”
Yro Chatziathanasiou Volunteering Instead Unemployment
Euthymia Papagianni “Investment Opportunities in Greece”
The second part of Greek Turkish Economic Forum will be announced soon and it will be organized in Greece


Screenshot_5Screenshot_9 (2)

Screenshot_3 (2)

Host a Conference, No Matter Your Budget or Size

Venue. Speakers. Catering. Drink tickets. Hosting a conference comes with a price, and many business leaders make the mistake of thinking their companies are too small or too new to benefit from hosting an industry event.

However, a conference can provide value for companies of all sizes and in all stages. Customers will have the opportunity to meet you, interact, understand your personality, and establish a personal relationship with your company. This fosters retention and longevity, as well as a sense of trust and legitimacy.

The trick to throwing a successful conference that provides a valuable return to your business is identifying what you want your conference to accomplish and taking the steps necessary to make that happen — without getting caught up in the details.

Hosting an Event on Any Budget

When it comes to conferences, quality is more important than the size or price tag of your event. No one will remember if you went overboard on a gourmet food spread, but they will remember if your speakers and content weren’t high-quality. Here’s how to make it count:

  • Have a planning powwow. Gather your event’s stakeholders, whether those include HR reps, the CEO, or salespeople. Ask them about their goals for the event, and host a brainstorming session. Then, take the best ideas to an operational person in your company who can execute them. There are a lot of moving parts, so be sure to choose a detail-oriented individual to ensure a flawless event.
  • Cut the fireworks. You might think your conference needs to happen in a big ballroom with top-of-the-line AV equipment and other bells and whistles. But that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, I recently attended a small-show conference that took place in an enclosed hotel lounge. There were no slides, AV, or audio. The speakers could talk to attendees in a casual, informative manner that felt hands-on. It was a great event, and all the attendees found value in it.
  • Be smart about splurges. If you decide your conference does require a feature that threatens to tip the scale of your budget, then it’s time to think outside the box. In the first year of my company’s event, we spent about 20 percent of the cost that many bigger firms would have spent on an event of the same size. That’s because we did it in a theater that had all the sound and AV equipment we needed, and the venue itself was quite inexpensive.
  • Spotlight your speakers. Many professionals will come for free just to get the experience for their résumés. You can also ask your best client or a particularly eloquent, experienced staff member to speak.
  • Make it fun. Conference attendees want to feel like they’re engaged. Make your event interactive with a hashtag, ice breaker, or social media feed. Try Splash, which creates live event feeds based on attendees’ contributions.
  • Shake some hands. I’ve been to a number of events where the host and speaker were locked away in the green room and didn’t interact with anyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to put a face to your brand and network with attendees. Shake hands, talk to people, and set up networking opportunities.
  • Make your money work for you. You don’t have to throw down the funds for a fancy dinner spread or buffet. Last year, my company did a happy hour on a hotel rooftop and gave our attendees a certain number of drink tickets. Attendees understood they needed to pay cash once they used their tickets, but they still had incentive to relax, network, and engage with other attendees.

The Time Is Now

Conferences create leads and spread the word about your business and your brand. When the clients who believe in your products and have paid money for your services are in the same room with people who aren’t yet customers, they’ll sell your product for you without any effort on your part.

My company recently held an event that offered our clients a slightly discounted price for services. Many non-client attendees came simply to hear the speakers. Our clients sold the non-clients on our products without any prodding on our part. If you do good work, your clients help create leads for you.

When it comes to conferences, there’s no better time to host than the present. If your business can provide value to clients — both current and potential — through a conference, it’s worth having. Plus, you’ll build your brand, increase visibility, build rapport with clients, and gain new leads. Shelling out for a few drink tickets is worth the ROI.

Lena Requist established herself as a powerful force in business before joining ONTRAPORT as COO in 2009. Her background in corporate finance and successful business building has helped to grow the ONTRAPORT organization 5,000 percent, landing ONTRAPORT at No. 102 on the 2012 Inc. 500 list. Lena has a passion for helping female entrepreneurs and is the founder of a virtual Women in Business group, where empowered women can share their strengths, struggles, and triumphs with each other. Connect with Lena on Google+ or Twitter.

Startup Britain

pitchup with johnlewis header

We’re delighted to be teaming up with John Lewis to offer unique access to their key buyers every six months.

The pilot project in October 2012 and second round in April 2013 uncovered a wealth of UK-based talent, and now John Lewis is looking for more great new British products. In 2014, John Lewis celebrates its 150th anniversary – could your design feature in the retailer’s anniversary product ranges and beyond?

Applications for the next round are now open, please apply here if you would like the chance to pitch to John Lewis buyers on the 27th of October 2013.

NB: Applications will close at midnight on the 18th of August.

You can read about how our last PitchUps went on our blog and take a look at a few photos on our Facebook page.



pitchup with sainsburys header

StartUp Britain teamed up with leading British supermarket Sainsbury’s to offer British food start-ups a tasty opportunity to pitch their products to top food buyers.

The event follows on from the campaign’s successful PitchUp with high street retailer John Lewis, which has seen over 400 start-ups compete for 12 places. Those chosen benefit from mentoring and practical guidance to develop in key areas including production, pricing and packaging.

The most promising ideas will be invited to pitch their products in August to representatives from StartUp Britain and Sainsbury’s, at Sainsbury’s food centre in Central London.

NB: The application stage is now closed and finalists will be notified shortly.

Networking Tips for the Recent Grad

You’ve just graduated college in the top 10 percent of your class. Great! Now comes the fun part: finding a job. Even though the unemployment rate for college graduates is lower than the overall unemployment rate, you could still find yourself job searching long after you’ve retired your cap and gown.

How do you increase your chances of finding a job after being unemployed for an extended period of time? Start by developing your personal brand and improving your professional skills.

Spend your time wisely

Though you’ll likely be spending most of your time applying for jobs, it’s a good idea to fill your time with other useful pursuits. For instance, doing regular volunteer work builds character and stands out on a resume. Keeping up with the latest news in your industry shows potential employers that you’re well-informed and genuinely interested in your field. Taking classes is probably the last thing you want to do after just graduating, but employers will be impressed by your desire to learn more about your profession.

Get your name out there

Whether you’re working part-time at the local fast food restaurant or job searching non-stop at mom and dad’s house, it’s never too early—or too late—to start creating and advertising your personal brand. One way to get your brand out there is by distributing business cards.

Business cards are useful tools for networking among professionals, but did you know they’re useful for the unemployed college graduate, too? These cards won’t have the same information as company-issued cards, but they’ll include credentials like your personal website, email address and area of expertise.

For a card that stands out, ditch traditional design and go for more creativity in your business card design. Your future employer is more likely to notice a computer keyboard with your credentials on it than a plain black-and-white design. If you’re new to designing and creating business cards, consult a design-savvy friend or company that will help make your ideas happen.

Networking for dummies

Putting yourself out there and connecting with potential employers can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Start by looking up networking events in your city. There are a number of sites that can aid you in this quest: LinkedIn, Meetup and Eventbrite inform you of networking events in the area, or allow you to create your own event. For more specific searches, check out sites like Mediabistro, for media professionals; or Women For Hire, a site where female professionals can connect.

Although these events can be great for meeting people in your intended field, they can be disastrous if you show up unprepared. Here are some supplies and tips you’ll need for most networking events:

·         A portfolio with a few copies of your resume, a pen and a notepad

·         Remember those business cards you made? Bring plenty of them to hand out to those you connect with

·         Practical items like mints or gum (avoid smacking or popping), perfume/cologne and hand sanitizer

·         Research the event beforehand to get an idea of which businesses will be represented and how many people are expected to show up

·         Lastly, don’t be a network jerk—that desperate guy who goes to every networking event and only looks out for himself

Don’t let unemployment after graduation get you down. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of not having a job, focus on what you can do to develop your skills and build your professional network. By taking initiative and making professional connections, you’ll soon be able to move out of mom and dad’s for good.

Emily Miller is a marketing and small business blogger who contributes regularly to Professional Intern. She recently graduated from Indiana University with degrees in English and Small Business Management, and has been advising her friends on their resumes, business cards, and networking skills as they search for post-grad jobs. Connect with her on Twitter @e_millr