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Synthium Health is a Supply Chain Management platform engineered exclusively for the healthcare industry that enables providers and suppliers to exchange information and conduct eBusines cost-effectively.
Focusing on Healthcare Supply Chain System, a large number of technical, data-driven, and transparency-related issues emerge.

Key issues include:

  • Outdated Implantable Device Management causing lost revenue and expired inventory
  • Lack of integrated information technology and decision-support systems
  • Unaligned relationships between the suppliers and buyers in the supply chain
  • Inefficient flow of information prevents improved cash flow, faster billing, and better customer care
  • Obsolete methods of communication and coordination (GPOs) squeeze manufacturers’ profit margin
  • Uncertain regulatory framework
  • Error and transparency problems due to the disparities in proprietary data

Supply Chain Strategy

The market for healthcare supplies is vast and prosperous for investments.  Over half-a-million, medical and non-medical products and services are marketable in this market. Its growth emanates from the aging of the global population, which implies an increase in hospitalizations and other related procedures. Some major market needs include agility, changes in the operating model, waste elimination, greater efficiency, automated supply chain platform and decision-making tools.

Synthium Health’ s Cloud-based Solution

Synthium Health provides a networking marketplace that brings together healthcare providers and suppliers for simplified, efficient, and cost-effective exchanges.

Primary Platform Solutions

  • Improved security via private blockchains and inter-enterprise networks
  • Integration due to the multiple business partners
  • Cost reduction as manufacturers can “Go direct.”
  • Timeliness via the use of “Just in Time” delivery in practice
  • All around supply chain visibility via Content Management to show and manage products and services for manufacturers
  • Reduced administrative processes via digital commerce for automating of orders
  • Reduced wastage in inventory via reporting and analysis tool to help suppliers gain a better understanding of strategies
  • Opportunity to build long-lasting relationships via the ability of manufactures to interact with customers
  • Ability to be aligned with the global standards of delivery
  • Cut intermediaries in the supply chain via a unified healthcare marketplace.

Synthium Health Tokens
Synthium issued tokens (SHP), will be the native tokens of the Synthium platform. In exchange for SHP tokens, members will be able to use the platform to transact efficiently and execute supplies accurate, smart contract payments and transactions.

An SHP token account, a core component of the platform, is designed to ensure access to Synthium’s platform. SHPs can also be used to pay the transaction fee on the services layer and provide payments between participants, or for market trading. It also may be the fuel for driving a secondary market via its platform by allowing transactions using the SHP tokens instead of fiat currency, as an option.

Synthium Healthcare Crowdsaling
Now is the time to consider making a move to acquire SHP tokens at initial offering cost during the Synthium Pre-Token Generation Event. Synthium Tokens will be released based on the Ethereum ERC20 functionality.

The TGE Pre-Sale begins on October 12, 2017, and will end on November 2nd, 2017. Synthium will announce their much-anticipated TGE after the pre-sale.

To download their Whitepaper, and for more information:


Oceanus Coin: Made to disrupt the shipping industry

The world as we know it relies on the international shipping industry as the backbone of economic growth. Shipping is central to modern life. As of today, approximately 90% of global trade relies on the maritime shipping, and 95% of all
manufactured goods are moved by the container shipping industry. The industry itself is worth more than 1 trillion dollars annually, yet it is facing an unpredictable future. Factors that contribute most to the instability include
overcapacity, ferocious competition from industry titans, outdated control systems, and a sharp decrease in attributable fees and rates. Even with growing demand, there are many challenges facing the shipping industry. Shipping companies face strong competition and decreasing fees and rates. At the same time, they are under greater scrutiny than ever, from regulators, and importantly from customers. In a connected world, customers are demanding ever greater traceability, transparency and accountability for freight.

CEO Oceanus Foundation

Nikolaos Kostopoulos CEO

All this sets up the perfect storm for the industry. Blockchain, specifically distributed ledger technology (DLT) has a unique opportunity to step in and facilitate solutions to the challenges of the industry. Transparency, a key feature of DLT, can form a big part of these solutions by automating traceability and thus accountability within the shipping industry’s logistical framework. More than this, it can provide the platform, technical and financial to drive innovation in the industry. There are many, sometimes scattered, groups applying blockchain and DLT in the shipping industry.. We present the Oceanus Foundation to create and oversee development of a community within the shipping industry. The backbone of this work will be a blockchain and token that allow the industry to reinvest in itself and return value to actors who make significant contributions to the community and industry.



What differentiates the Oceanus Coin from the all the other cryptocurrencies?

Christiana Zoupa COO

Oceanus Coin is the first coin that has created an inside circulation investing system by exploiting the global shipping industry via services who are going to revolutionize this domain, all the services are paid exclusively through the Oceanus Coin. With this way Oceanus Foundation establishes varied uses for its token and this is going to augment not only its demand but also its valuation. We are talking about an innovative blow-minding strategic that is going to “blockchain” the whole shipping industry.

How is Oceanus Foundation succeeding to “blockchain” the shipping industry ?

Oceanus Foundation aim is to create and oversee development of a community within the shipping industry. The backbone of this work will be a blockchain and token that allow the industry to reinvest in itself and return value to actors who make significant contributions to the community and industry.

This will be achieved by creating a set of tools promoting efficiency, reward for participation, innovation, seafarer training and welfare and last fostering maritime industry talent. Based to all these Oceanus Foundation will oversee the following Projects:

  • Ship Booking Trading Platform

a decentralized booking platform that connects small and medium sized shipping business to clients actively seeking to fulfil shipping contracts.It will also form the basis of an innovation platform on which further technologies can be built.

  • Startup Accelerator

a venture fund supporting startups in the shipping, maritime and port technologies. The fund will provide dedicated expertise with experience across the shipping and maritime industries – to provide insight and support to new ventures.

  • Hackathons

will be conducted in collaboration with industry leaders and groups traditionally outside the maritime sphere.

  • Seafarer Academy

Practical training courses will contain shipboard, shipyard and dockside training. Programs will be designed and conducted in collaboration with shipping, harbour and equipment providers to ensure practical and up to date training for the world’s seafaring workforce.

  • Maritime Studies College

Degree and post-graduate courses in all aspects of the maritime and shipping

industries. Particular focus on new technologies and maritime law.

All the services will be provided by accepting as a payment method Oceanus Coin. Which means while buying Oceanus Coin, your investment is going to be reinvested to the Shipping Industry and not thrown away to become useless as the rest of cryptocurrencies.

Nikolaos Kostopoulos comments exclusively for Our company will not make decisions based on short-term revenues or profits. Our strategies will be implemented with mission-driven, long-term development in mind. Our people, capital, technology and resources will be utilized to safeguard the sustainable development and growth of the Oceanus ecosystem. We welcome investors with the same long-term mindset.


TRU Paradise Mykonos an experience you want to live every day!

TRU Paradise Mykonos is a spectacular new choice for a real, unique, VIP beach club in Mykonos experience.  Come and find The Real U, at TRU.


TRU Paradise is located on the best corner of Paradise beach with its own entry and parking from Paraga beach road. TRU features five freestanding levels, an 80-seat open air restaurant and bar, and a pool level where the party really gets going.  Set on over 9,000 sq. meters of stunning beachfront property, TRU Paradise’s mission is to create an exclusive TRU Experience for its TRU guests and to establish itself as the ultimate beachfront destination where guests can dine, drink, celebrate or simply relax in laidback Myconian luxury

.“More than a year ago, our team set out to build a one-of a-kind destination here on the island of Mykonos. We did it! TRU Paradise is the ultimate lifestyle destination for beach or pool fun.” says Pete Manias, one of the Managing Partners of TRU

With over 250 meters of beachfront each private sunbed includes an umbrella with king size beds outfitted with luxurious linens, outdoor natural bamboo shower, and the TRU service we are known for.  Club guests can have a refreshing swim, a walk along our golden sand beach, take a dive in our pool or just chill out and enjoy the day as the party in the afternoon evolves.  TRU Paradise offers a private marina with speed boat transport and food pickup service for TRU guests.       

The menu spotlights locally sourced ingredients fusing Mediterranean and Asian flavours.  Specially blended refreshing cocktails and the sounds of vibrant music add to the uplifting atmosphere for a perfect Myconian day.

Eat, drink, relax and indulge.  Come hang-out, party and celebrate @ TRU!


The TRU venue with its multi-levels and the best panoramic sea views presents a beautiful, new premier event location perfectly suited for weddings, special events and corporate get-togethers under the sun or stars on Paradise beach.

Tru Moments: 

For further information or bookings, visit or call +30 694 980 2000

Is EU funding opportunities administration an art?

We had the chance to meet volunteers and experts from Youth Business Network, an active group of young people based in Komotini a city in the region of East Macedonia and Thrace, northeastern Greece but with a global vision and activity.  YBN , is a network  of young people active around the world aimed to contribute to competitiveness and regional growth through an entrepreneurial mind-set in the next generation. The potential partners in this endeavour include educational institutions, embassies in host countries, governments, private sector and individuals. It will be achieved by creating awareness, organising debates, providing opportunities for practical business start-ups and facilitating peer partnerships. Founder Nikolaos Kostopoulos says the organisation will be a platform from which to provide moral and directional support to young people as they foster the necessary business skills to pursue their goals.

To promote youth employment and entrepreneurship, the EU and its member countries work together to:

  • Address the concerns of young people in employment strategies
  • Invest in the skills employers look for
  • Develop career guidance and counselling services
  • Promote opportunities to work and train abroad
  • Support quality internships/apprenticeships
  • Improve childcare and shared family responsibilities
  • Encourage entrepreneurship

In order to achieve those aims EU is supporting young people with various grant to invest to their ideas.

The EU does provide some significant opportunities, but it does have quite strict rules and criteria, and will not be relevant to all organisations in these sectors.  However, there are many beneficiaries which have received significant funding from one or more of these sources for their projects and initiatives.  

Youth entrepreneurship is high on the EU political agenda as a tool to combat youth unemployment and social exclusion as well as stimulating innovation among young people:

Youth work and non-formal learning play an important role in developing the creative and innovative potential of young people including entrepreneurial skills. Youth policy and programmes at EU and national level support this:

Youth Business Network has recently organized a training course under Erasmus Plus+ sponsored by the Greek National Agency called ” How to Administrate EU Grants more effectively ”  that took place in Greece. During that training 25 young people had the chance to practise the following skills :

  • What does a European commission appointed proposal evaluator typically look for?
  • What you need to remember when filling out the application? DOs and DONTs
  • Writing a winning proposal, live demo, taking a case study of a typical EU grant application and his idea, a detailed step-by-step demonstration of how to write a proposal with high chances of winning

YBN is intended to assist grant beneficiaries in the implementation of their grant projects in financed from EC. This training  tries to provide practical information on the implementation and procedures related to financial management, reporting and accounting in line with EU financial regulation

One of the main beliefs that has been the acrual factor for the implementation of this project was that EU funds are used for direct access by a small circle of practitioners, though these grants are a real opportunity for the financing of all projects with a European dimension. Mastering Eu funding techniques ensures a valuable skill for your career and are essential for the development of your organization leverage.

Below you can find some observations participants have synopsised during this training course and they are useful not only for EU grants applications but from private donors-sponsors -investors :

The purpose of a proposal

● Ask for money ● Inspire donors ● Inform ● Share your vision ● Build a relationship ● Communicate your success Explain why your project is important and different. Focus on the future, not something you’ve already done. MANAGEMENT RELATIONS IDEATION



Final Advice

1. Proofread 2. Organize your proposal to make it easier to read . 3. Don’t include color, staples, fancy, bindings or special materials Researching foundations

● Identify nonprofit organizations that are similar to yours ● Conduct research using Foundation Center ( of European Foundation Center ( ● First contact those foundation that have similar interest ● You don’t need to be a great writer to write a great proposal 2

Become a better storyte

Make sure you write proposal (for a future need) , not a report or something that has already been accompished or founded.

For more information you can visit Youth Business Network’s website or stay up to date with their news through their official facebook page

Startup entrepreneurship is not only hard working , but partying as well !


Happy New Year! We hope you had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and are excited to dive into 2015. Like most of you we have had an exciting, exhausting and overall crazy since 2012 at . We wanted to give everyone a quick roundup of how our year went and what is coming up in 2015 .

What’s next in 2015?

  • Continued improvement of our content and growth online. Our new verticals will be especially important as we develop them and gather feedback.
  • At least four new trips in collaboration with Youth Business Network  You can already signup for information on our website
  • Lookout for the launch of at least two more online platforms to join the Startupconcepts media !

There’s nothing like having a gun stuck in your face to focus your mind on whether it might be time to make a fresh start.

The tradition of New Year’s Eve celebrations can be dated back to the Romans. And, as we anticipate what’s to come, there is no better way to acknowledge the achievements of our past year than with a blow-out bash .Our admin has been invited  to the most promising Greek -entreprenerurial party hosted by Nikolas Koklonis -CEO of Airfastitickets , the most ambitious Greek startup company which has spreading activities all over the world  .His  house  has been transformed into a concert hall  where each level promises to take revellers to a new destination.Celebrities , journalists and succesful businessmen have been invited and had fun while networking until the very first morning hours. Great firework displays , the finest dining experience , 4 different music concerts for all preferences and the most lucrative part , champagne and inspiring coctails during the most   famous New Year’s Eve extravaganzas that are organized in Athens


Our admin Nikos Kostopoulos with Nikolas Koklonis , George Karavatakis , and Vivian Kostopoulou







BrandBar Happy Hour Chat with Andee Hill, CEO of

We are excited to have Ms. Andee Hill the CEO of as our guest next week! Ms.

Hill will be joining us November 6, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. EST via GoToMeeting. Hurry over and post

your question about escrow trusted services on the event wall:

We will pick the best of the questions. 1 question per member please!

Here is how BrandBar Happy Hour Chats work:

• Introduction of our Guest.

• Discussion about the primary topic, which will be escrow trusted services this week.

• During the discussion, members are encouraged to add comments and questions into

the chat window.

• Member mics will be opened one at a time to ask our Guest their question.

• The chat window stays open for our members to continue to chat amongst themselves

after the event ends for a short period of time.

Explore Swift Travel Deals : a brand new startup related to unique traveling

Interview with Ileaa Swift



Ileaa Swift opened Swift Travel Deals in February 2012, after spending 7 years of booking and researching travel for family and friends as a passion and a hobby. She studied the travel industry and researched several travel agency franchise options prior to starting her own travel agency in 2012. Since opening Swift Travel Deals in 2012, Swift Travel Deals has reached over 200,000 clients and potential clients worldwide and has a staff of 105 including travel and referral agents located in the United States, Europe and Africa.
Ileaa was recently awarded the Arkansas Business 20 in their 20’s Most Influential in Business and Community Award by Arkansas Business where only 20 people under the age of 30 were awarded in the state of Arkansas and has been featured in numerous magazines and news outlets around the globe.
Ileaa is a Certified Travel Agent, certified from the Travel Institute, a Travel Expert and a Travel Writer. She uses her presence in the travel industry as a platform for philanthropy through volunteer efforts and community service through Swift Travel Deals.

Iraklis Fovakis,artist and young entrepreneur invites you to his exhibition Carte Blance

unnamed                                   Screenshot_1

Τhe Art gallery of Mykonos invites you to the new solo art exhibition

“Carte Blance” of Iraklis fovakis at “Maria Igglesi” chamber,

Matogianni. The openings will occure on Tuesday 22 of July at 23:00


“Many times I resist. But there are times that I’m using my fantasy

as a shelter. That place is the one which keeps attached with my

instinct. I cross all the lines, all the moral laws, but I do not regret.

Afterwards I go back to my life, in a life which I wanted to be in carte

blance, but it’s just without a backround.

And that’s why I dare you, I beg you, touch. Cause the only permanent

lover is ourselves.”


Info at: +30 6979200853 –

Brief Résumé

Iraklis Fovakis was born in Heraklion, Crete, in 1968. He studied at the

Faculty of Education in Belgrade in 1989, in 1996 he graduated from

the Psychology Faculty at the Rethymnon University and in October

of 2011 he completed his studies at the 4. Paint Laboratory of John

Valavanidis and afterwards of Panayiotis Haralampus of The Athens

School of Fine Arts. He has worked as a special educator in several

private and public schools of special education and practises from 1996

till the present day as a psychologist at the Evaluation and Treatment

Center of Psychological Support and Speech Therapy “Dia Logou” in

Heraklion and Athens, offering his services to groups of people with

Group Exhibitions

• 2005: Participation in a group painting exhibition at the

• 2008, March: Participation in a group painting exhibition

Heraklion Municipality in Crete on behalf of The Charity

“Zoodochos Pigi” for children with Special Needs.

within the “Differentiality” Festival at “Booz Cooperativa” in

• 2008, April: Participation in a group painting exhibition in the

• 2010, March: Participation in a group painting exhibition

• 2012, December: Participation in a group exhibition of Plastic

Museum of Plastic Arts in Heraklion entitled as “Art Starting-

of The Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) with subject

“Bipolarity and Art”.

Arts at the “Zappeion” Mansion in Athens with the title

• 2014: Participation in a group exhibition at Museum

• 2014: Participation in a group exhibition at the Pantokratora

of Modern Art in Rhodes with the title “Upcoming”, a

collaboration with School of Fine Arts of Athens.

Gate in Heraklion of Crete with the title “In the honor of the

Greek” in memoriam for the 400 years since the birth of the

painter EL GRECO,a collaboration with the Museum of Modern

• “The Pass” at the city loft “Seventh” at Sintagma, Athens. 2011, October: Degree Paper Presentation with title “The

• “The 2010, December: Personal painting exhibition with the title Cortège” at the Area of Art and Action “Vrissaki”.

• “Intentions” at the Art Gallery Café in Athens. 2010, November: Personal painting exhibition with the title

• “Revising Everything” at the Hall of Art “Eran” in Heraklion. 2009, November: Personal painting exhibition with the title

• 2001, March: Personal painting exhibition with the title


Recognizing the Customer from Hell

“Are you fuckers listening?” 

“uh…wha…what?” I sputtered.

“I know what I want done and I want you fuckers to listen.”

Ignoring his insult, I ask a direct question. “This thing you’re asking us to do, you know it’ll hurt your business if it doesn’t work, right?”

Our toxic customer had asked us to do something we both knew would hurt their business. But this was pretty standard for them. Ask for something horrible or impossible, have it blow up in your face, then blame the people that warned you against it.

Insane right? Who allows a customer to treat them like that?

We allowed it because we couldn’t recognize the customer from hell.

Customers from hell behave badly and they get away with it because as entrepreneurs, most of us are ignorant. Most of us don’t know what the customer from hell actually looks like until we’re already in hell with them. But by then it’s too late, they’ve already done their damage.

Which means without recognition, we’re powerless to stop them.

But how do we recognize the customer from hell? Is there a pattern they choose to follow? You’ll need answers to these questions if you plan on using your customers from hell to attract all-stars.

The first step: Recognizing the Customer from Hell.

There are six main types. These customers aren’t necessarily malicious. They may have had a terrible experience with someone before you. Or they may feel that the only way to get what they want is to behave badly. Doesn’t matter, their behavior sucks and you need to fix it. Behaviors like…

1. The Know-it-all can do anything and everything better than you

They know how to run your business better than you (or so they say). They rarely miss an opportunity to remind you that they know more than you. It’s difficult to get these customers to trust you – they seem to believe that deep down you’re really incompetent.

2. Snobs think they’re better than you

They see you as “the help”. They smirk at you; they talk down to you and treat you as if you’re beneath them. Sure, they may follow your instructions, pay their bills on time and do whatever you ask, but only so long as you know your place (that you work for them).

3. Indifferents that love to say “just take care of it”

They pay for your product or sign up for your service. That’s the easy part. Once that happens they disappear. They disconnect, completely removing themselves from the process. They can’t be bothered to help you get the results they’re paying for or do the work themselves. The weird part? These Indifferents are pissed when they don’t get the results they “deserve”.

4. Freeloaders who take as much as they can for as long as they can

If they have to pay they spend as little as possible, working to stretch each dollar further than it’s supposed to go. If they agree to buy your product they want you to throw in a bunch of extras (on top of any bonuses you’re offering) as a sign of “good faith”. If you’re selling services they’ll use vague wording in your documents to squeeze more free work out of you. If 90% percent of your materials are free and you decide to charge for something they’re upset about it.

5. Dictators that tell you what they want, instead of asking

Their attitude? “I’m the one with the money; you’ll do as I say”. Working with these customers becomes an uphill battle as they fight for control over how things are done. They’re okay with abusing you so long as it gets them what they want.

6. Irresponsibles who agree to the terms you lay out ahead of time

Then completely ignore those terms once the sale’s been made. You can’t count on Irresponsibles to keep their word or honor any commitments they’ve made. They’re not always malicious, but they’re not reliable either.

These customer types aren’t isolated either. A customer can be an irresponsible dictator, a freeloading snob or any other combination.

What’s worse, the customer from hell acts as all-star repellant.

They create an environment where all-star customers don’t stick around. If you can’t get all-stars to stick around you’re stuck with mediocre customers and you guessed it, the customers from hell.

So how do you use the customers from hell to attract all-stars?

Customers from hell and their all-star counterparts are attracted to similar things.

  • The know-it-all respects knowledge. All-stars look for knowledge and the sway your knowledge has over others. They want to see that you’ve got an audience (or you’re building one) that cares about the stuff you’re sharing.
  • Snobs believe you’re beneath them. All-stars look for prestige. Are you known in your industry? Are you gaining recognition or winning awards? Are you doing great work locally? All-stars that care about prestige look for elements that say “you’re somebody I should work with”. Prestige won’t eliminate snobbery, it just points it in a different direction.
  • Indifferents are apathetic. All-stars on the other hand, are available. They realize they’ll need to participate in the process to get the results they want. They’ll give you what you need to get the results you’ve promised so share your expectations ahead of time. Tell your customers what you need and when you’ll need it.
  • Freeloaders want something for nothing. All-stars want to try before they buy. They’re more interested in getting what they want and less interested in freeloading so they can do the work themselves. They’ll look for the resources that give them the greatest chance of success and once they’re comfortable, they’ll go for it. Give them an opportunity to sample or try your offer. Show them why they need it and show them how to sign up.
  • Dictators want to be in control. All-stars trust those that are in control. They respect entrepreneurs that have self control and control over their business. Offer dictators controlled choices (do you want A or B?). Give them control over as much as you can, whenever you can. Gently hold them accountable if they cross the line.
  • Irresponsibles are unreliable. All-stars look for reliability. Show all-stars that you’re reliable but make it clear you expect the same from them. Use your policies to create an environment where reliability is rewarded. Accountability makes Irresponsibles nervous but it attracts all-stars to you.

Wait a minute, aren’t most customers like this?

It’s true most customers act like this at one point or another. But you’re not looking for customers having an off day. You’re looking for behavioral trends. Customers from hell display bad behavior on a pretty regular basis; it’s a way of life for them.

Okay, if customers have an off day, does that mean they’re not an all-star?

Nobody’s perfect.

An all-star having an off day isn’t the same thing as a Dictator that’s constantly harassing you with support calls.

What’s more important is how you handle an all-star’s off day. An all-star customer can quickly turn into the customer from hell if they see that bad behavior works.

You’ll need to maintain the right mix of boundaries and expectations if you want them to stay an all-star.

What if my all-stars get contaminated?

How you treat your customers has more of an effect on them. If they have an off day and you handle it poorly your customer may have more “off days”. Too many of those and suddenly you’re dealing with the customer from hell.

You can’t use the customer from hell until you recognize them.

The customer from hell behaves badly and they get away with their bad behavior because entrepreneurs don’t recognize them. Seeing these customers for what they are gives you what you need to attract all-star customers.

Would you like to start your own online travel guide magazine for 29 usd ?

Screenshot_1  is a platform where you can create a travel guide for your hometown, country, or another place you know really well. This might seem like a lot of work, but gives you a template to work with so that you don’t have to think about any of the design or lay-out aspects. You just have to add places and write about them.

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  • Events management system
  • Regional Festival scheduling
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