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Synthium Health is a Supply Chain Management platform engineered exclusively for the healthcare industry that enables providers and suppliers to exchange information and conduct eBusines cost-effectively.
Focusing on Healthcare Supply Chain System, a large number of technical, data-driven, and transparency-related issues emerge.

Key issues include:

  • Outdated Implantable Device Management causing lost revenue and expired inventory
  • Lack of integrated information technology and decision-support systems
  • Unaligned relationships between the suppliers and buyers in the supply chain
  • Inefficient flow of information prevents improved cash flow, faster billing, and better customer care
  • Obsolete methods of communication and coordination (GPOs) squeeze manufacturers’ profit margin
  • Uncertain regulatory framework
  • Error and transparency problems due to the disparities in proprietary data

Supply Chain Strategy

The market for healthcare supplies is vast and prosperous for investments.  Over half-a-million, medical and non-medical products and services are marketable in this market. Its growth emanates from the aging of the global population, which implies an increase in hospitalizations and other related procedures. Some major market needs include agility, changes in the operating model, waste elimination, greater efficiency, automated supply chain platform and decision-making tools.

Synthium Health’ s Cloud-based Solution

Synthium Health provides a networking marketplace that brings together healthcare providers and suppliers for simplified, efficient, and cost-effective exchanges.

Primary Platform Solutions

  • Improved security via private blockchains and inter-enterprise networks
  • Integration due to the multiple business partners
  • Cost reduction as manufacturers can “Go direct.”
  • Timeliness via the use of “Just in Time” delivery in practice
  • All around supply chain visibility via Content Management to show and manage products and services for manufacturers
  • Reduced administrative processes via digital commerce for automating of orders
  • Reduced wastage in inventory via reporting and analysis tool to help suppliers gain a better understanding of strategies
  • Opportunity to build long-lasting relationships via the ability of manufactures to interact with customers
  • Ability to be aligned with the global standards of delivery
  • Cut intermediaries in the supply chain via a unified healthcare marketplace.

Synthium Health Tokens
Synthium issued tokens (SHP), will be the native tokens of the Synthium platform. In exchange for SHP tokens, members will be able to use the platform to transact efficiently and execute supplies accurate, smart contract payments and transactions.

An SHP token account, a core component of the platform, is designed to ensure access to Synthium’s platform. SHPs can also be used to pay the transaction fee on the services layer and provide payments between participants, or for market trading. It also may be the fuel for driving a secondary market via its platform by allowing transactions using the SHP tokens instead of fiat currency, as an option.

Synthium Healthcare Crowdsaling
Now is the time to consider making a move to acquire SHP tokens at initial offering cost during the Synthium Pre-Token Generation Event. Synthium Tokens will be released based on the Ethereum ERC20 functionality.

The TGE Pre-Sale begins on October 12, 2017, and will end on November 2nd, 2017. Synthium will announce their much-anticipated TGE after the pre-sale.

To download their Whitepaper, and for more information: