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How Komotini , a small city in Greece can host a huge free market conference ?

The Free Market Road Show® – Komotini

How to Create Growth? Entrepreneurs wanted

A journey across Europe and the Caucasus with the message of Freedom and Sound Economy

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of secular stagnation. What recipe does Europe need to

change the declining trend? Can Europe dream of a decade of robust economic growth? This could

definitely trigger positive effects in more areas than the obvious. To higher standards of living we

should add a cleaner environment and the elimination of the remaining pockets of poverty. But do

Europeans –and their political elites in particular– have what it takes to achieve positive economic


In connection with the lack of growth there is always the issue of entrepreneurship. How can Europe

unleash the creative forces of its youth? Some believe that the European Union should create startup

zones and thus foster entrepreneurship. Others, on the contrary, say that the EU and its regulations

must be as far away as possible from entrepreneurs. They think that only the free market can provide

the trial and error environment that startups need to thrive.

The 2015 Free Market Road Show® will stop in Komotini on May 23rd and International top speakers,

renowned economists, leading politicians, and prominent business leaders will join the Road Show to

discuss these crucial topics.

The Free Market Road Show® in Komotini will take place at the

Periferia Komotinis

Tsetine 7, Komotini , Greece, 69100

Saturday, May 23st, 2015 from 14:00-17:00

The 2015 Free Market Road Show’s Panel will focus on the following important questions:

1. To grow or not to grow? From secular stagnation to robust recovery

2. Entrepreneurship and its enemies. How to set our creative energy free

The  Speakers in Komotini :



Deirdre McCloskey teaches economics, history, English, and communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. A well-known economist and historian and rhetorician, she has written sixteen books and around 400 scholarly pieces on topics ranging from technical economics and statistics to transgender advocacy and the ethics of the bourgeois virtues. She is known as a «conservative» economist, University-of-Chicago style (she taught for 12 years there), but protests that «I’m a literary, quantitative, postmodern, free-market, progressive Episcopalian, Midwestern woman from Boston who was once a man. Not “conservative’! I’m a Christian libertarian.» Her latest book, Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World (University of Chicago Press, 2010), which argues that an ideological change rather than saving or exploitation is what made us rich, is the second in a series of three on The Bourgeois Era. The first was The Bourgeois Virtues: Ethics for an Age of Commerce (2006), asking if a participant in a capitalist economy can have an ethical life (briefly, yes). «We fans of innovation and markets have done enough preaching to the choir,» she says. «We need to speak to our beloved critics on the left and right who do not think that the Age of Innovation was the best thing to happen since the invention of language.» Long known in economics as a critic of its least sensible techniques, she wrote in 2008 with Stephen Ziliak, The Cult of Statistical Significance, demolishing tests of «significance.» It was in 2011 the basis of a Supreme Court decision. McCloskey lives in downtown Chicago in a big loft apartment converted from a factory with her Norwich terrier Will Shakespeare («As soon as he really knows English maybe we can get some more plays. . . from the canine point of view!»).

John E. Charalambakisαρχείο λήψης

is the Chief Economist for the Blacksummit Financial Group Inc., in the United States. He has studied economics and finance in Greece, the U.S., and the United Kingdom. He has consulted with numerous organizations, corporations, non-profit groups, as well as government entities in several countries.


Dr. Charalambakis has been teaching economics and finance in the US for the last twenty years. Currently he teaches economics at the Patterson School of Diplomacy & International Commerce at the University of Kentucky. He is the recipient of many awards, the author and editor of three books and of numerous articles, has served on corporate boards, has appeared on economic and financial TV shows, and is a frequent conference and seminar speaker. Recently he assisted the Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) in their research regarding the causes of the financial crisis. Dr. Charalambakis interests are in the area of international financial markets, forecasting, asset allocation, and the development of viable policies that advanced economic wellbeing among nations.

Barbara Kolm αρχείο λήψης (1)

President of the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute in Vienna, Austria and Director of the Austrian Economics Center. Being a worldwide networker she uses these abilities to promote free market policies; in addition she is a frequent speaker on public policy related issues, especially on deregulation and competition topics, the Future of Europe and Austrian Economics.


Barbara Kolm is an Associate Professor of Austrian Economics at the University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro and a member of the Board of Business Consultants of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and a Member of the Mont Pélerin Society. She is President of the European Center for Economic Growth.


is the Director of the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University and a Visiting Professor in the Rawls College of Business. He is the North American Editor of the Review of Austrian Economics, past President of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, and a senior fellow with the Independent Institute. He earned his B.S. in economics and finance from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University.

αρχείο λήψης (2)

Professor Powell is the editor of Making Poor Nations Rich: Entrepreneurship and the Process of Development (Stanford University Press: 2008) and co-editor of Housing America: Building Out of a Crisis (Transaction: 2009). He is author of more than 50 scholarly articles and policy studies. His primary fields of research are economic development, Austrian economics, and public choice. Dr. Powell’s research findings have been reported in more than 100 popular press outlets including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He also writes frequently for the popular press. His popular writing has appeared in the Investor’s Business Daily, the Financial Times (London), the Christian Science Monitor, and many regional outlets. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including, CNN, MSNBC, Showtime, CNBC, and he was a regular guest commentator on Fox Business’s Freedom Watch.

The Austrian Economics Center (AEC), in cooperation with over 60 leading think-tanks and universities across

Europe and the Caucasus, and in association with international partners such as the Liberty Fund, Global

Philanthropic Trust, European Students for Liberty, Ruefa and the F.A. v. Hayek Institut, are proud to present

the 8th Annual Free Market Road Show, which tours from April 13th to May 27th through 35 capitals in Europe

and Caucasus – from Scandinavia to Turkey, from Spain to the Ukraine.

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Several other events have been organized to Komotini by Youth Business Network like Restart Balkans ,Greek Turkish Economy Forum


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