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How to Cultivate the Best Brand Image

Branding is crucial when it comes to establishing a positive reputation for your business – but just how do you go about ensuring your brand image is the best that it could possibly be? Read on for our top tips.

1) Know what you do – and why you do it

Having a clear business plan is only part of corporate success – identifying how to go about achieving your goals and, most importantly, why you’re even doing what you’re doing is the key to knowing how best to position your brand.

Think about what your products/services are and why you’ve decided to bring them to market. Chances are you’ll hit upon a unique selling point that can be the focus of your brand’s image. Some good examples to consider include Lush and its strong positioning as a provider of natural and ethical toiletries, while Tesco and its ‘Every little helps’ slogan clearly marks out the brand as an entity that wants to help customers save money.

2) Be consistent