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Delaware offshore company formation -Guide


Advantages of incorporation in Delaware

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Features of Delaware Corporations

More Information

The company (entity type) our clients select when raising capital from the public or Venture Capitalists is the General Corporation. Here are some features of the Delaware General Corporation (C-Corporation):


  • A Delaware Corporation may file a Certificate of Incorporation which does not name the Initial Director.
  • A Delaware Corporation is required to file an Annual Report which must include:
    • The phone number and address of the business
    • The name and address of one officer
    • The names and addresses of all Directors
    • The shareholders are not listed on the annual report and are not reported to the state.

Income Tax

  • There is no Delaware state corporate income tax on goods or services provided by Delaware Corporations operating outside of Delaware.
  • There is no Delaware Sales Tax.
  • Tax Status:
    • The default tax status is C-Corporation. The C-Corporation pays income tax at corporate rates and files a corporate income tax return.
    • If eligible, the corporation may elect S-Corporation tax status. An S-Corporation is taxed at personal income tax rates and the profits and losses are reported on the personal income tax return.
    • If organized as a not-for-profit corporation, the company can apply for tax-exempt status from the IRS.
For more information about tax status see the Corporations section of the Delaware Incorporation Handbook.


  • The liability of all shareholders (owners) is limited to their investments in the corporation (unless they personally guarantee other debt incurred by the corporation, commit fraud or commingle funds).


  • A Delaware Corporation is required by law to maintain a Registered Agent in the state of in the state of Delaware. DBI will be your Delaware Registered Agent and the first 12 months of Registered Agent service is free with the purchase of a New Company Registration Package. The service is $100/year thereafter ($120 outside the US).
  • A Corporation authorizing 5,000 shares or less will pay the minimum Franchise Tax of $75 plus a $50 Annual Report Filing Fee. 
  • A Delaware corporation has the right to conduct Interstate Business and DBI can qualify a Delaware corporation to conduct Intrastate Business; please see the article on Qualification.


  • Non-resident, Non-citizens are eligible to form a C-Corporation or a Not-for-Profit organization in Delaware. Non-residents are not eligible to apply for S-Corporation tax status. Please see our section for international businesses.
  • A Delaware Corporation with no US Source Income will not owe US Federal Income Tax.


  • A Corporation can raise capital by selling shares of stock privately or on a public stock exchange.
  • Ownership of a Corporation is recorded on stock certificates.


llc delaware
1.) A Delaware LLC may be owned by any national, regardless of place of residence.
2.) A company in Delaware may have one or more members.
3.) Nominee members can be used not to disclose the owners’ names to the state. The Delaware LLC is not required to report any assets.
4.) The company in Delaware can be operated and managed worldwide.
5.) Tax Savings:
a.) If the business activities and registered office of the LLC are out of state, there are no state income tax
b.) Pass-through taxation
llc taxation

 Type of company LLC
 Shelf company service Available
 Time frame for the company registration 7 days
 Taxes Details
 Double tax agreements No
 Name Details
 Company seal Optional
 Number One minimum
 Local officer Not required
 Publicly accessible records Yes Details
 Nominee Manager Yes Details
 Meeting location Anywhere
 Number One minimum
 Publicly accessible records Yes Details
 Company secretary
 Company secretary Yes
 Residency Anywhere
 Company secretary No
 Auditors No
 Requirement to file accounts No
 Requirement to file annual return No
 Restrictions on activities Yes Details