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Would you like to start your own online travel guide magazine for 29 usd ?

Screenshot_1  is a platform where you can create a travel guide for your hometown, country, or another place you know really well. This might seem like a lot of work, but gives you a template to work with so that you don’t have to think about any of the design or lay-out aspects. You just have to add places and write about them.

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Our Travel Guide theme and script has been designed specifically for travel websites, and it has everything you need if you’re talking travelling on your website.

Our Travel Guide will help you get the beautiful and functional website your business deserves. If you have a travel or tour business, want to build a travel oriented portal, a guide website, or you just want to share your travel adventures online, this is the theme you need.

The base cost for the theme is a measly $29, or if you want a year of free hosting and a custom logo, $99!

The theme is customizable, and you can opt out or in for the features you want it to have! Unlike other travel themes who can’t be edited or who saddle you with unnecessary features, you can make Travel Guide as complex or as minimal as you want it to be!

Features of the theme include, but are not limited to:


  • Map and geo tagging
  • Rating system
  • Photo gallery
  • Integrated Google maps
  • Reviewing platform
  • Posting platform – text & gallery
  • Hotel booking system
  • Blogging platform
  • Directory system
  • Events management system
  • Regional Festival scheduling
  • & much more


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With Travel Guide Script you can:

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Travel Guide Script is the best thing you can add to your site if you’re travel oriented!

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Travel Guide Script !


Dopios Secures Seed Cash From Openfund To For Its Getyourguide-Meets-Tripadvisor

Tour guides or sites like Getyourguide (out of Germany), or Peek, the San Francisco-based travel site that gives users a curated list of options in individual cities, tend to come down on the experience side. Other travel sites likeTripadvisor veer towards the advice side. But few startups have attempted both sides.

Dopios, a new travel community, allows travellers to search for local guides by destination, and then filter the results by their own preferences to find a trip that suits them. For example, people who like going out may like to find a guide who can take them to all the speakeasies in San Francisco. At the same time the community can also give personalized and tailored advice to travellers. In other words: advice, experiences and local people as guides all under one roof.

The company was originally started by Greeks living in San Francisco, but has now moved back to Athens. Founder Alexandros Trimis says right now Greece offers “talent, cheaper operational expenses, and a strong desire from the public to see something positive happening.” He’s also secured the startup’s first institutional investment from the Openfund, which put in a seed round of 120,000 euros.

After testing in Greece, San Francisco and Istanbul, today Dopios opens up guides and communities in London, Berlin, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.


Launch Date:2012

dopios, or ‘local’ in Greek, is a community marketplace where travelers can discover authentic experiences created by locals. Users can get travel tips before they go, plan adventures for their next vacation, and meet new friends. dopios is taking travelers beyond the guidebook and plugging them into the true experiences of their destinations.