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Have you ever wondered how to get backlinks to rank a new site in a proper manner that Google loves? Getting your websites ranked on the front page of Google is everyone’s dream so that you can receive free traffic to your site. I know some of the people do have other traffic sources apart from Google, having organic traffic will be a bonus on top of various traffic sources. Eventually, who else does not like free traffic to their site?

SEO is a combination of on page and off page effort. If you are not sure what I refer to, I strongly urge you to read my previous posts about on page SEO and off page SEO. In this post, I am not going to repeat various backlink sources that you can get from my previous post, but to focus on the process to get your site ranked on the front page of Google. There are literally endless sites that you can generate backlinks to your sites. Without a proper backlinking process, you might be struggling to rank your site and might even risk your site get sandbox or penalty by Google.

Process About How To Get Backlinks

Before you start the SEO link building campaign, you must ensure you have done your on page SEO, else you will have to spend multiple times of the effort to get your site ranked on the front page of Google.

What Every Company Website Should Include

For the people…

1. Choose website name

The first step is one of the most difficult. The internet is saturated with “already-in-use” names, and it can take hours to find a domain that fits your business that isn’t taken. Popular domain search websites include GoDaddyNameNameCheapHover and Gandi. Start brainstorming a list of website names you find acceptable, and then search them in one of these domain sites. To generate an original business name, tryPanabee. Try avoid using hyphens or weird acronyms that new website guests won’t understand. Expect to pay $5 – $15 per year (more than that is pretty damn expensive).

2. Choose the .com, .org or .ie?

Everybody wants ‘.com’, as it is what people assume your website will have. Getting a ‘.com’ is the most challenging, with high competition for normal-sounding domains (but not a problem if you are going for “” – but please don’t make it so long). Essentially, if you SEO your website to the max then using ‘.biz’ shouldn’t be a problem. But, psychology is important to bear in mind here. As creatures of habit, a person may assume that “” caters specifically to Germany. If you are providing a localized service in Germany, this is the best way to go. A ‘.com’ for a local delivery company may put some people off. Equally, if you have an international scope, choosing ‘.es’ may cause people to think you only serve Spain.