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EU Commission has Open Call for Tenders: Study on Dropout and Completion in EU Higher Education

Although the concept of drop-out and completion rates in higher education is not new it has only comparatively recently become a focus of attention in a European policy context. Changes in policy-making context resulting from the economic crisis have brought to the fore the importance of efficient use of funds and the need for maximising all human resources to ensure economic and societal growth. As a result, policy-makers´attention has been increasingly drawn to the issue of drop-out and completion rates in European higher education. This increased attention has, in turn, called for more evidence about the current state of affairs. While there has been some evidence available, it remains dispersed and there has to date been little comparative empirical research into the root causes of drop-out and low completion rates and the availability and  effectiveness of policies and measures to counter drop-out / enhance completion rates.

The overall objective of this study is to provide a consolidated and up-to-date overview of national policies/measures on reducing drop-out and improving completion rates in higher education in Europe and to provide conclusions on the effectiveness of different systemic policies/measures, based on the experience of the countries included in the study. The study should further provide an assessment of relevance and effectiveness of indicators currently in use and make recommendations on how EU level action can support effective Member State policy-making on this topic.

EU Commission Seeks Services to Coordinate ‘European Mobility Week’

European Mobility Week is an annual campaign on sustainable urban mobility. The aim of the campaign, which runs from 16 to 22 September every year, is to encourage European local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite their citizens to try out alternatives to car use. Consistent messages, common visual identity and simultaneous participation of many cities across Europe give it a high political and media profile. In 2012 the total number of registered participants reached a 2.158 cities and towns from 39 countries, making it the largest event promoting sustainable mobility globally.

The European Mobility Week Campaign is based on a partnership between the European Coordination (three networks of local authorities), the National coordinators (representatives from national ministries and agencies), the Associated partners (European and international associations and organisations) and the European Commission.

The objectives of European Mobility Week are:

  • Raising awareness about issues related to sustainable urban mobility;
  • Encouraging a shift away from the use of private cars in cities towards more sustainable means of transport via increasing availability and convenience of alternatives (e.g. launching of new cycling lanes, new, or more frequent bus lines).
  • Creating a dialogue platform between citizens and local authorities to discuss issues related to sustainable mobility

The objective for future events is to at least maintain the participation levels in the EU-27 in comparison with 2012, with improved geographical balance and improved quality of local programmes.

In terms of desired image, the aim is to clearly communicate that EMW is

  • an event that leaves a legacy lasting beyond the actual length of the week;
  • an official EU programme, part of the Community effort on improving well-being and environmental protection.

Tenderers (in case of a joint tender the combined capacity of all tenderers and identified subcontractors) must demonstrate experience and capability necessary to provide services that are at least equivalent in nature, value and in scope to the services requested in this call for tender.

Deadline: 9 September 2013

View the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members – Login to View)